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Greenpeace - a new virtual reality platform to reach a new generation

We worked with Greenpeace to develop a strategy to reach new audiences and build a new virtual reality platform

Greenpeace asked us to help them understand how they could reach a new generation of people using digital platforms. We helped them develop a strategy and then brought it to life by designing and building a new virtual reality platform.

Reaching a New Generation

Greenpeace wanted to understand how to reach new, younger audiences using emerging digital platforms and technologies. We helped them understand more about both the needs of this audience and the potential of the technologies, building the outputs into a new digital strategy.

Virtual Reality Delivers Impact

We identified lots of different opportunities for Greenpeace to reach this new audience. One of the most intriguing and powerful was virtual reality. Greenpeace do a lot of their outreach activities at festivals and events, and virtual reality was identified as the most meaningful and impactful way to get the festival audience to understand and empathise with the issues that Greenpeace is tackling. We also helped Greenpeace identify a range of uses for virtual reality content from dramatic videos from their campaigning activity to educational content that helped communicate the sometimes complex issues they were working on.

We all know that much of our planet’s remaining wilderness is under threat. But these places we never visit, and rarely even see.

John Sauven - Greenpeace UK Executive Director

Building and Extending the Platform

We designed and built Android and iOS mobile applications to support Greenpeace's virtual reality content. The app features a newsfeed-style user interface (UI), with a simple navigation system that allows users to scroll through all of the different content on display. Greenpeace also created a rainforest-themed Google Cardboard virtual reality headset from recycled materials to help watch the films (though users could also use any other Google Cardboard headset). In addition, we published the content to large platforms like YouTube and Facebook to ensure that we reached a wider audience.

Virtual Reality is a powerful tool for creating empathy with the people Greenpeace is trying to reach.

Our Role:

  • Insight
  • Innovation Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Front End Build
  • Back End Build
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