'Project Ring'

Sept. 27, 2016

A groundbreaking nutrition tracking engine for parent & child 


The continued rise in childhood obesity has made the nutrition, health and wellness of the next generation a major topic for concern and debate. This FMCG’s heritage in nutrition, health, wellness and it’s global reach makes it ideally placed to help provide a solution.

Project Ring was born out of this desire and has been shaped by bespoke ethnographic research, behavior change best practice and nutritional science expertise. It aims to provide simple practical tools that are grounded in science but delivered in fun and engaging ways. Designed to engage parents and kids together Project Ring uses personalisation, interactivity and gamification to inspire and reward healthier 


The Highlights

+ A unique balanced meal score calculated using 17 key nutrients - expressed as a value between 0 and 100

+ A meal builder tool that allows parents to create balanced meals from any starting point

+ Simple additive recommendations on how to balance meals that can be tailored to suit tastes and needs

+ Integration with kids activity trackers from Geopalz to provide smarter recommendations and better portion guidance

+ Fun facts, games and challenges to engage users in the science behind better NHW

+ Different levels of rewards that can be collected after successfully completing challenges

About our engagement:

+ Completed a rapid discovery and concept envisioning phase that delivered a interactive vision prototype in less than 3 months.

+ Ran a comprehensive consultation process across markets and business silos to establish USP driven opportunities and strategic direction.

+ Conducted ethnographic research in 6 markets across Europe, Africa and the US.

+ Established a steering group of nutrition and wellness specialists who provided scientific validation to proprietary algorithms, content and behaviour change best practice.

+ Produced concept prototypes and strategy presentations for shareholders, markets and partners who were recruited from across US and Europe.

+ Proposition tested the concepts with IPSOS to focus groups in three markets.

+ Translated testing insights into a MVP blueprint, with clearly identified partners.

+ Developed a brand framework - including naming, visual identity and consumer promise.

+ Designed and developed the experience for the iOS mobile pilot working agile with Microsoft in the US.