Interaction Design & User Experience
Interaction Design & User Experience
Jan. 6, 2015

Calling all Super-Organised Project Managers

AllofUs is looking for a hybrid Project/Account Manager to work across a wide range of high-profile clients. 

This could be your dream job if you’re passionate about what we do and have a proven track record of leading successful projects for high-profile clients.

Dec. 10, 2014

Our latest work for YotaPhone

Last week was the launch of the YotaPhone 2 in Moscow and London, an innovative dual screen phone created by Russian manufacturer, YotaPhone. Here at AllofUs we were pleased to have worked closely with the YotaPhone team to reimagine high level concepts for the e-ink screen UI/UX.

The e-ink screen works both independently as an ‘always on’ greyscale touch screen and simultaneously to accompany the LCD screen, sharing apps and generally prolonging the battery life of the phone as a whole.

To find out more information on the phone see the YotaPhone website.

Sept. 12, 2014

AllofUs Work Featured in Vodafone Ad

Good to see our Science Museum Who Am I? installation featured in Vodafone's new TV ad.

Watch it here

Aug. 12, 2014

Co-Founder Sanky photographed for Beard Season

Photographer Brock Elbank is halfway through taking a series of 60 portraits of bearded fellows around the world after close friend Scott Maggs, better known by his alias Jimmy Niggles, started growing his 'epic' beard after one of his best mates Wes Bonny died when a melanoma in his neck spread to his brain at the age of just 26.

We're currently building social awareness and the full campaign - focusing on getting everyone to get a melanoma check - will launch later in the year. However press has been picking it up already and today sanky - one of our founders - has surfaced on the pages of buzzfeed with one of his portraits - #34 of 60 - stay tuned for more news and check out...





on instagram


June 24, 2014

AllofUs launches new site with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation

We are pleased to announce the total re-design of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation website, developed to promote the organisation’s work around the world providing practical support to help prevent religious prejudice, conflict and extremism.

A key priority has been to refine the organisation’s messaging and vision in line with their new brand positioning. The Foundation deals with complex and sometimes difficult subject matters. Therefore a great deal of time was spent with the content teams at the Foundation to get a deep understanding of the topics at hand and create specific design features and formats around the needs of the end user, ranging from the sensitivity of the image editing to the creation of the 'snippet' tool.

We also had to accommodate a wide ranging global target audience for the site, ranging from supporters, students, governments, NGOs and professionals who are interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the Foundation’s work .

And of course the site needed to work across multiple platforms to appeal to everyone, allowing easy access to the unique information.

Site can be viewed here.

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June 13, 2014

See It Be It: Putting female talent in the spotlight

Lucky Jem, our Design Director, is heading off to Cannes Lions this week as part of a specially selected group of women who are participating in 'See It Be It', a programme that aims to further women in the creative industry. This is the inaugural programme and it promises to be an exciting one, with meet and greets with VIP speakers, mentoring events and creative leadership sessions lined up. As part of her contribution to 'See It Be It' Jem was interviewed by Getty Images for their latest #RePicture campaign, which you can read here and don't forget to follow @allofustweet next week to see more of what she gets up to...

June 2, 2014

News: The Best Agencies In London

We are all beaming here at AllofUs this week as we have been included in R/GA Design Director Peter Jupp's selection of the best avant-garde agencies in London for Awwwards. We are in very good company with R/GAMethod, UNIT9, Pokeustwo and Moving Brands also included in the same category as us. Our inclusion in the list came as a total surprise and we are thrilled that our hard work and passion is appreciated out in the big wide world! Big thank you to Peter and the Awwwards team :)

May 20, 2014

New British Museum Exhibition, ‘Ancient lives: new discoveries’ Opens to the Public on May 22nd

We have now completed work on a series of interactive exhibits for the ‘Ancient lives: new discoveries’ exhibition at the British Museum which opens to the public this week, May 22nd. Using breakthrough technology, the exhibition shows a never-before-seen picture of eight individuals’ lives in the Nile Valley over 4,000 years - from prehistoric Egypt to Christian Sudan. 

The exhibition, which runs until November 30th, is made possible by three-dimensional CT reconstructions of the mummies. These are made up from hundreds, sometimes thousands, of CT scans combined to create an impressively detailed reconstruction of the bodies and objects concealed within the wrappings. 

Head over to Sky News for a sneak preview!


April 9, 2014

AllofUs launches a new website for Capco

We have updated the Capco wesite to reflect the branding developed by Bibliothequé to create a concise and contemporary  site primarily aimed at investors and employees, but also keeping the public very much in mind. A great deal of care has gone into the responsive build and the delivery of core information, such as the share price module, whilst the craft and polish has been utmost on our mind. We went the extra mile to keep the content short and direct in respect of our target audience...we've noticed that when you have a £2.1 billion business your customer base is fairly time short.
Site can be viewed here.
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